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Rumen Sazdov


I love an old saying: "Live today in such a way that that you can make beautiful memories for tomorrow." It’s true!

From the time when I started painting, and that are forty years already, I am chary of missing a day or a night without emotion worthy to enrich my collection of memories.

Men and women were created to provide future generations through feelings of affection, love, eroticism, tenderness, sex.

Delicate gradations of those emotionally sensual conditions of the human mentality are target of research in each of my designs.

So when the dealer Claude Robert, in his Paris office in November 1993, called my paintings "... good collection of lyrical cubism", I knew what I was doing and that will remain for a lifetime.

The present exhibition concerns these things.


Rumen Sazdov was born in 1953 in Kyustendil. Graduated from Veliko Tarnovo university of St. Cyril and Methodius with a degree in Painting. Has been working and living in Prague, Czechia since 1989. Jointly with a group of Bulgarian artists starts the Rapid gallery in Prague in 1991. Starting from 1994 was included into the international information site for the commercial market in paintings and artists of the late thirteenth century up to the present days – In 1995 opens his private gallery "Modigliani" in Prague.

Among his most significant exhibitions are: 1993 - 1999 - participation in exhibitions of Drouot Richelieu auction houses in Paris, France; 1996 - New Divas exhibition in the Oriental Culture Center in Hong Kong; 2013 - group exhibition in the Agora gallery in New York, USA.

His works are contained in many private collections, some of which are owned by: Prince Cyril Tarnovski, marquise Gloria Ferreira de Monsolis, Countess Christine d'Barro, Princess Stefanie of Monaco, Rudolf Schenker (SCORPIONS), Bernadette Chirac, Sonia Park.

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