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Florence Blin

Florance Blin has discovered the painting in 2007 in Corsica after extraordinary journey that led him often in Eastern Europe.

She appreciates the work of Daly, blue nudes by Matisse, and the contemporary artist as Magritte, Morio Matsui, Zhang Xiaogang.

This is it self different techniques, preferring to play the knife brush. His palette delicate and sensual not giving way either to ease or soliciting. The sharpness of line and color intensity does not exclude gentleness, infinite respect, the desire to highlight the subject in all its fullness with sensitivity and emotion. At the border of the figurative and abstract painting this word are reflection, observation, balance and harmony. The table reveals itself in an atmosphere of light, leaving a window open to the privileged moment of imagination, whose language is not expressed in words.

For her poetry is a painting that looks and an artist is someone who wipes the window between the world and us with light, with a light cloth soaked in silence.[Christian Bobin]

It was in 2009 she signed a contract with Real Art Design talent agent, she moves exhibitions Lyon, Chambery, Vallencogne, Nice, Canne, Monaco …. Participates in an auction at Drouot Paris, exposes permanently Our art gallery in Ajaccio.

Your temperament is bold, she decided to settle in Bulgaria back on itself to work with a new light his work and present it to you.

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