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Denitsa Yaneva

Denitza Ianeva was born on 01.08.1974 in the town. Varna. In 1999. Graduated from the University "Sv. St.. Cyril and Methodius ", Faculty of Fine Arts - „Graphics" – Masterс degree. Since 2006. she became professor of painting at the Department "Drawing" at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University "St.. St. Cyril and Methodius ". In 2008. PhD in Fine Arts on " Symbolism in Bulgarian art, аesthetics, images, formal structure in painting 1900-1925". Since 2014 she is Associate Professor in the Department of Drawing "Drawing" at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University "St.. St. Cyril and Methodius ". Her creative research in the field of painting, printmaking, illustration and layout of the book. Author of scientific developments in the field of theory, history of art and aesthetics, a participant in national conferences on the issues and the history of Bulgarian art.

Denitza Ianeva has participated in over 40 exhibitions in Bulgaria: Separate exhibition (2012); international exhibitions: a joint exhibition of head teachers of Fine Arts; Nis (2006-2010); Dimitrovgrad (2006) - Serbia; International Print Biennale - Varna (2007, 2009, 2011, 2013); National Exhibitions: National Art Exhibition "Drawing and Small Sculpture", Sofia (2006, 2007, 2008, 2011); National exhibition "Drawing" - Sofia (2006, 2007); National exhibition of artists educators, Veliko Tarnovo (2006-2014); National Competition bank "Allianz Bulgaria" (2011); National Biennial drawing, Veliko Tarnovo (2011.2013); collective and regional exhibitions. Autumn Salon of Veliko Tarnovo’s artists (2006-2009); Spring Salon Veliko Tarnovo’s artists (2010-2014); Exhibition "Art of paper" varna (2012); Christmas Exhibition "Rotary art" (2010-2013); Oil paintings, graphics, sculpture, Varna (2007, 2009, 2010); Exhibition predstavitellstvoto UBA - Varna (2011-2014); Exhibition "Generations" - Varna (2011);

  • 2011 Veliko Tarnovo, First National Biennial of painting
    • "Minotaurs" I - ink, pen, paper 100/700;
    • "Minotaurs" V - ink, pen, paper 100/700;
  • 2012 - Veliko Tarnovo - National - "Then through the ages"
    • "Cavalry" - I drypoint 70/100;
    • "Calvary" - II drypoint 70/100;
  • 2013 - Veliko Tarnovo - Second National Biennial of painting
    • "Kentavromahiya" - I - ink, pen, paper 100/700

Denitza Ianeva member of the group of artists the Varna (2005), the National Organization for literature and art - Veliko Tarnovo (2007), UBA (2014).

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